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Ruth Johnson Pirie
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The Singing Baker ~ Sounds of Comfort & Joy
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Sounds of Comfort & Joy provides the service of live therapeutic music which…
Helps reduce anxiety
Lessons pain
Speeds recovery
Alerts the brain’s electrical rhythms
Controls heart rate
Increases endorphins

This is just a sample of services available; please contact Ruth to discuss your specific needs.
Musical comfort in time of need
Sing and play personalized music, at the bedside, for anyone in the hospital such as childbirth,
hospice care and medical/illness recovery long and short term care, shut-in, shelter, prison etc.
Personalized song writing
Vocalist, accompanist
Perform a musical eulogy
Your favorite songs and hymns
Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, retreats
Songs by request
Personalized singing telegrams
Mealtime entertainment
Cultural Enrichment Events
Perform in Swedish National costume
Sing and speak fluent Swedish upon request
Provide Sweet n’ Swedish baked goods
Music is a powerful tool by which you can enrich and
express whatever is happening in your life.
About Ruth Johnson Pirie
Ruth was born and raised in Sweden and moved to the United States at age nineteen. At age
three she gave her first performance while visiting her ill grandfather in the hospital. The impact
her singing had on the patients and the staff inspired her and resulted in six years of vocal
training, and some instrumental study of the guitar, autoharp and piano. Most recently she
acquired a Therapeutic Musician’s Certification through the International Healing Musician’s

As a Mezzo Soprano she had the pleasure to sing and play at many different events. Her voice
has been likened to a crystal clear bell-like sound that touches the soul deep within. Her musical
goal is to bring wholeness, joy and comfort to people in all walks o f life, especially the ill and
grieving. Like many others, may you be blessed through her gift of music and her gentle spirit.

Training and Education
Music: CHMP (Certified healing music practitioner – IHMP)
Voice: Kristina Nelson (Sweden), Gretchen Hewitt, Rick Asher and Frank DiMiero (US)
Guitar, piano and autoharp: Private and ECC Chaplain

Performance and Work Experience
Sno-King Community Chorale
The Swedish Women’s Chorus
Seattle Juvenile Corrections Center
Purdy Women’s Prison
Hymn Sing with Bud Tutmarc
Louis Braille School for the Blind
Various church and youth choirs, retreats, conferences, hospitals and senior centers

Featured Soloist
Musicals, public and private occasions
Conferences, retreats
Funerals, memorials, graveside services
Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries

Direction and Leadership
Choir Director – Kids in Action
Song and Workshop Leader – Women’s Aglow, Prison Fellowship
The "Singing Baker" brings you "Sounds of Comfort & Joy
Are you looking for comfort in health or emotional crisis or the sounds of celebration for a joyful occasion?
The human voice is the most expressive musical instrument. The pitch-spectrum is what our human ears are best suited to receive.
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