Bondkaka  (Farmer’s) ~ Traditional almond cookie; a scrumptious treat.

Dagmar’s Chokladkaka (Chocolate Slices) ~ A delightful chocolate cookie with pearl-sugar accents.

Drömmar (Dreams) ~ Swedish sugar cookie; a heavenly taste treat.

Kokosdrömmar (Coconut Dreams) ~ Dreams with Coconut.

Hallonsnittar (Raspberry Delight) ~ Buttery cookie with Raspberry and White chocolate topping.

Hasselnöttsrutor (Hazelnut Chocolate Squares) ~ European chocolate cookie with a hazelnut topping; your
taste buds will thank you.

Hästsko  (Horse shoe) ~ Sweet and snappy; lightly sprinkled with powder sugar.

Kryddan (Spice) ~ Round, sweet and snappy; lightly sprinkled with powder sugar.

Kärlekskaka  (Love) ~ Delicate meringue-filled pinwheel; melts in your mouth.

Västgötakaka  (West Coast) ~ Our delectable oatmeal and raisin.

Spiced Västgötakaka  ~ Our West Coast cookie all spiced up.

Craisin Västgötakaka ~ A craisin, not a raisin, touch to our West Coast cookie.
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